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CE certification

CE certification

Electrical and Electronic Product - CE LVD/EMC

Europe applies the Low Voltage Directive or Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive to the safety of electrical and electronic products, and the safety regulations in the field of electrical and electronic products certification usually refer to Electrical Safety.
This is to prevent damage to human body and property from hazards that may occur in predictable or unforeseen circumstances.

Machinery - CE Machinery

Companies seeking to sell machinery to the European market must comply with the Machinery Directive. The definition of machinery is defined in MD as "at least one part of the operation, with multiple interrelated parts and proper actuator, controller and power circuitry."

Pressure Device - CE PED, CE SPVD

① CE PED  -  PED is abbreviation of Pressure Equipment Directive (2014/68/EU), which is a pressure equipment instruction that applies to design, manufacture and conformity assessment of pressure equipment and components with a maximum permissible pressure of 0.5 bar or more. Manufacturers wishing to export their products to EU countries must be certified in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive.

② CE SPVD  -  SPVD is a Simple Pressure Vessel Directive that is a weld container with an internal pressure of 0.5 or higher, applies to pressure vessels that contain air or nitrogen and target all non-flammable fluids, and is manufactured continuously.

Boiler - Hot-water boiler

The directive on the efficiency requirements for new hot water boilers burning on liquid or gaseous fuels rated at 4 kW ~ 400 kW and is part of the European Union's SAVE program on promoting energy efficiency. This directive is to improve energy efficiency by setting efficiency requirements for hot water boilers that burn as liquid or gas.

Gas Equipment - Gas appliance

European gas appliance regulation that applies to gas appliances and accessories designed for hot water production, refrigeration, lighting, heating, washing and cooking purposes.


  • 01Safety and efficacy clinical trials for CE certification of medical devices

  • 02PMCF progress on CE certified medical devices

  • 03Support the PMCF Plan, Protocol, and Investigator's Brochure

  • 04Collect health and economic data to obtain approval for reimbursement

  • 05System and product certification technical support

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